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Pointe shoes available:

Grishko / Gaynor Minden  / Sansha / Bloch / Celia Kirsch  / Teplov

Pointes & Ballet Shoes

Please remember that pointes have to be fitted professionally.  Please phone to book an appointment.

We also supply:

Assortment of toecap's                                                 Leather fronts for points

Ouch pouches                                                              Aqua

Shoe dye                                                                     Ribbons for different points

Heel grips                                                                    Space packs for bunion tendencies

Bunion protectors                                                        Blister protection

Please see our “Dance Accessories” page for more.

Gaynor Minden

Bloch TMT

Bloch Pointe Shoe

Sansha Pro Ballet Shoe

Sansha Pointe Shoe

Leather Split Sole Ballet Shoes

Satin Split Sole Ballet Shoes

Satin Ballet Shoes

Leather Ballet Shoes

Bloch Zenith Ballet Pumps (black & pink)

Delco Canvas/Satin Grishko Teplov, Sansha, Bloch

Click here for instructions on sewing ribbons and elastics on pointe shoes!

Take a look at what goes into the making and fitting of a Grishko pointe shoe:

Grishko Pointe Shoes

Various Branded Pointe Shoes Also Available

Grishko DreamPointe

The Grishko DreamPointe is a revolutionary new pointe shoe, several years in the making. This pointe shoe has become the instant favourite of the new generation of dancers worldwide. It has a U-shaped medium vamp with long wings and a drawstring.

Distinguishing Features:

Grishko Nova 2007

This shoe is based on the popular Grishko 2007 design and has a U-shaped medium vamp and a drawstring.

Distinguishing Features:

Grishko 2007

This exclusive creation of the Grishko craftsmen is a revolution in pointe shoe design. It has a U-shaped medium vamp with a drawstring, a medium platform and a moderately low profile.

Distinguishing Features:

Grishko Maya I

The Maya - I is based on the Fouette model and has a V-shaped medium vamp with a medium platform.

Distinguishing Features:

Grishko Maya II

The Maya - II is based on the Vaganova model and has a V-shaped high vamp with a narrow platform.

Distinguishing Features:

Grishko Model 6 Ballet Pumps

Grishko has created the perfect slipper - the Model 6 (Performance) slipper will not bunch in the heel, increases a dancer’s arch and fits perfectly to the foot. The Model 6 has a U-shaped middle vamp and a split leather sole.

Distinguishing Features: