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Leotards & Dance Skirts

We have an assortment of leotards available as well as leotards made to order by professionals based on your specific style and colour preference

Dance skirts for adults and children

Grey Woollen Unitard also in Pink and Black


Mid Calf Ski Pants

Ankle Length Ski Pants

Royal Blue Hot Pants

Purple Hot Pants

Teal Hot Pants

Black Crossover Band Hot Pants

Bright Green Hot Pants

Black Knee Length Ski Pants

Blue CAP Sleeve Leotard

Black CAP Sleeve Leotard

Lilac CAP Sleeve Leotard

Light Blue Matt Bra Strap Front Gather Front Panel Leotard

Pink Bra Strap Leotard

Red Bra Strap Leotard

Yellow Bra Strap Leotard

Turquoise Bra Strap Leotard with Front Gather

Black Bra Strap Leotard with Front Gather

Jade Leotard with Front Gather

Teal RAD Leotard

Lilac RAD Leotard

Turquoise RAD Leotard

White RAD Leotard

Light Blue RAD Leotard

Ballet Pink RAD Leotard

Purple RAD Leotard

Cerice RAD Leotard

Black  RAD Leotard

Black Long Sleeve Leotard

Jade Ribbon Band Skirt

Red Glitter Latin Skirt

Turquoise Lycra Band Crossover Skirt

Lilac Lycra Band Crossover Skirt

Black Lycra Band Crossover Skirt

Cerice Lycra Band Crossover Skirt

Pink Lycra Band Crossover Skirt

Black Latin Style Skirt

Black Lycra Band Skirt

Cerise Lycra Band Skirt

Lilac Lycra Band Skirt

Pink Full Circle Lycra Band Skirt

Yellow Lycra Skirt

Light Blue Elastic Band Skirt

Lilac Elastic Band Skirt

Purple Elastic Band Skirt

Pink Elastic Band Skirt

Black Lycra Skirt

Red Lycra Skirt

Purple Lycra Skirt

Red Hot Pants

Red Mid-thigh Hot Pants

Ballet Pink Hot Pants

Cerise Hot Pants

White Hot Pants

Green Bra Strap Leotard with Front Gather

Black Cotton Crossover Long Sleeve Top

Pink Cotton Crossover Long Sleeve Top

Pink Long Sleeve Crossover Jersey (available in black)

Pink Short Tutu

Pink Fairy Dress

Pink Tutu

The following leotards are made to order only

Please note that the leotards pictured below are only available while stock lasts  - please phone ahead to enquire whether the item you want is still available in order to avoid disappointment.  To view regular stock items that are always available, please scroll further down the page.

Regular Stock Items Available in a Variety of Colours and Sizes

Criss-cross back leotard

Long sleeved leotard

Criss-cross back  leotard

Cap Sleeve  leotard

Cap Sleeve  leotard

Cap sleeve leotard

Bra strap leotard

Bra strap leotard

Bra strap leotard