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Sneakers available at Ballet Barre:

Sansha / Grishko / Love to Dance / Opera Ballet / Capezio / Bloch

These sneakers are used for hip-hop, jazz , modern dancing, ballroom and just for comfort.

Many people who suffer from foot problems or are paraplegic love these as they are made from soft leather and form to your foot.

These shoes come with rubber or leather soles.

Hip Hop / Modern Contemporary / Jazz

Capezio sneakers are available in different colours:

Bloch sneakers are available in:

Grishko’s and Sansha:

Boots and sneakers

* Please note: varying sneaker colours are available on order

Sansha Boomelight Sneakers


Sansha Dynamo Sneakers

Bloch Sneaker

Sancha Sneakers

Capezio Sneakers

Dttrol Sneakers

Soleil Foot Glove

Sansha Dance Paws

Bloch Foot Thong

Bloch Foot Wrap

Capezio Undeez

So Danca Low Jazz Boot

Beige Jazz Shoes

White Jazz Shoes

Black Jazz Shoes

Black Jazz Boot

Black Split Sole Jazz Boot

Black Split Sole Jazz Shoe

Grishko Foot Protector

Dttrol Foot Thongs

Dttrol Dance Paws