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Dance Accessories

We have a variety of dance accessories available such as:

Cross-over jerseys

Cross-over jerseys

Leg Warmers

Stirrup Lycra Leggings

¾ Leggings

Ouch Pouch

Shoe Covers

Heel Covers

Ballet Socks

Foot Thong

Sansha Convertible


Mens Dancebelt

Footed Tights

Footless Tights

Knee Pads

Tutu Bags

Toe Protectors

Shoe Elastic

Ballroom Shoe Brush

Suede Brush

Bun Nets

Sansha Keyrings

Crochet Bun Nets

Lycra Scrunchies


Flower Sprays

Hair Grips

La Pebra’s Fixing & Styling Gel

Assorted Flowers

Hair Nets

Hair Pins


Plastic Castanets

Wooden Castanets

Spanish Fans

JT Top

Halter Top

Hot Pants

Yoga Pants

V-Shaped Jazz Pants

Hot Pants

I AM Clothing

Design Ruff

Other Products

Foot Stretcher

Spin Doctor

Click on the play button to see the Spin Doctor in action!

Assorted Fishnet Tights