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We offer a selection of costumes and accessories for adults and children to hire or to buy.  

Should you be looking for a larger selection of fancy dress and costumes please visit

Costumes, Fancy Dress & Accessories




Miscellaneous Items

Costumes, fancy dress and accessories:

Our fancy dress section has costumes for adults and children to hire or to buy.  We have a large section that has built up over the years, some costumes coming from teachers and customers who have wanted to sell their costumes, as they are no longer required.

We also sell costumes from our suppliers in any theme, for adults and children. We can also order any outfit for your party or event, you name it and we will do our best to get it in store.

Adult and children fancy dress - some items available include:


Hats, wigs and other accessories are also available at the Ballet Barre. Customers can order hats, wigs and accessories for any occasion but please give us two weeks notice weeks notice for any orders on these items.

Some of the hats available:

Wigs available: